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Learn to Harness Negative Emotions

Michelle Bersell

Psychotherapist Michelle Bersell will teach her Emotional Empowerment process in Chicago for the first time at an event called The Courage to Be YOU! from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 12 and 13, for anyone that desires greater physical, spiritual or emotional well-being for themselves or others.

      Bersell was recently invited to Harvard University for a thought leadership conference where she shared, in Ted Talk-style, why traditional psychology is failing women, especially those that consider themselves sensitive. According to Bersell, “Guiding women who are emotionally sensitive to get rid of their negative feelings is sentencing them to a lifetime of low-level misery, at best.”

       While providing statistical evidence to demonstrate why women are struggling emotionally more than men, she also provides a solution called Emotional Empowerment, the only modality that teaches how to understand the unique language of negative emotions. Bersell’s message is to evolve our relationship with our emotional selves to one of true freedom, where there is no need to release negative emotions, but instead receive their unique gifts.

For registration and location in downtown Chicago, visit See ad on page 29.