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New Meditation Booklet and Mala Beads from Made As Intended

Dawn Sprong, founder of Made As Intended, has written Meditation 101: An Overview of What Meditation is and How it Can Help You, which inspired new collections of mala beads to be added to her Made As Intended retail assortment. “I made some malas for friends, and then I started meditating with them,” she says. “Something about the beads and a simple sutra brought meditation to a new level for me. I had never trusted anything or anyone before I actually started down the road of meditation and searching within myself, so I have to pass it along.”

      The initial collections of 71 bracelets and necklace/wrap bracelets in the Sacred Collection include a variety of 108-, 27- and 21-count malas made of riverstone, onyx or sandalwood, with sterling and semiprecious gemstones. Malas include information, a suggested mantra and gift bag.

      “I created the booklet because I just kept realizing how I had collected a variety of meditation techniques, and using them was the major reason my life changed,” says Sprong. The guide outlines nine simple meditation practices that any beginner can try, such as breath, white board, flying carpet and mala bead meditations.

The meditation booklet is available free at For a free paper copy by mail, email [email protected] See ad on page 5.