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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Fall Specials at the Purple Sprout

Oct 25, 2016 12:20PM

The Purple Sprout Café and Juice Bar, in Wheeling, features only raw and cooked healthy organic vegan items. Pizza, including gluten-free options, is coming soon. Holiday catering and special orders are available for the home and office.

        Fall specials include Cinnamon Crepes with Homemade Apple-Raisin Jam, made with sprouted and fermented lentils and brown rice (gluten-free, flour-free, sugar-free and vegan); Squash-Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup with optional coconut cream; Pecan-Carrot Milk (raw, homemade); Sweet Potato Sliders with coleslaw; Pumpkin/Squash “Cheese” Cake (semi-raw, sugar-free, flour-free, grain-free); and a Gingerbread Man giant cookie.

        Cooking classes will be held during the holiday season, including for preparing healthy desserts. Ayurvedic health counseling is available that embraces lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, natural living, breathing, exercise, meditation and more.

        Meal plans for three or five days or a whole month provide an opportunity to eat healthy on a daily basis without spending many hours in the kitchen. Meals can be customized with the help of a nutritional consultant.

Location: 341 E. Dundee Rd., Wheeling. For more information, call 224-223-7133 or visit See ad on page 43.