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Cosmetic Acupuncture Benefits : Include Physical and Mental Improvements

Oct 25, 2016 08:16PM ● By Lana Moshkovich

Acupuncture has been used for more than 3,000 years to treat many physical and cosmetic conditions. One benefit of acupuncture is that there are no dangerous side effects or disruption to the body’s natural functioning. Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture, works on several levels treating the skin, muscles and underlying imbalances that may create wrinkles and/or sagginess. To keep our skin healthy and beautiful on the outside, we must work on the inside of our body, as well.

         Increasing the flow of energy, blood and lymph circulation improves the skin’s natural, healthy color. Increasing collagen production improves muscle tone and elasticity; this helps to firm the skin. Stimulating the formation of body fluids nourishes the skin by adding moisture and making it softer, smoother and more lustrous.

         Needles are inserted at vortex points, where energy is traveling to and from organs along lines called meridians, releasing energy and endorphins. When energy flows more efficiently, circulation is improved, helping the body rejuvenate and encourages the production of healing collagen.

         Facial acupuncture not only addresses the outward appearance of the effects of aging, it also eases stress, depression, worry and frustration, which can cause signs of premature aging. Stress can cause neuropeptides to flood the skin and increase inflammation, widen blood vessels and increase skin permeability.

         Regular acupuncture treatments help to balance hormones, calm overactive adrenal glands and create a sense of calm. The treatments take place over several weeks; side effects of facial acupuncture are rare and limited to temporary bruising at the site of the needle insertion. Once completed, the results can last indefinitely with regular maintenance.

Lana Moshkovich, LAc, ND, practices at Nirvana Naturopathics, LLC, located at 1500 Shermer Rd., Ste. LL29, in Northbrook. For appointments, call 847-715-9044. For more information, visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.