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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Walk on the Wild Side

Nov 21, 2016 08:00PM

The Resiliency Institute Edible Wild Plants Certificate Course will meet one Saturday a month for 10 months, beginning February 18, 2017. Knowing what plants to look for, where and when to find them and how to process and prepare them takes time, practice and a good mentor. During the entire program, Pat Armstrong will teach all of this for 200 edible wild plants that grow in our bioregion through classroom and home study, two-hour plant walks and by eating and preparing recipes in every class.

        Reasons that people may want to learn how to identify edible wild plants include interest in foraging; connecting with nature; expanding their knowledge of edible plants for landscaping, permaculture or ecological restoration; wilderness survival; herbalism; building plant identification skills; and leading plant walks.

        Participants will take nine exams, prepare four plant profiles and recipes, taste a variety of wild foods and experience at least 10 guided plant walks. They’ll receive an edible wild plants certificate acknowledging their accomplishment and an edible wild plants recipe book.


Early bird pricing until Dec. 2. For more information, visit See ad on