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Support Children’s Health During the Holidays

Nov 21, 2016 07:35PM

Mike and Amanda Hinman, founders of the Hinman Holistic Health Institute, are offering a complimentary holiday gift to parents that want to discover 5 Ways in 5 Days to Improve Your Child’s Health and Make Life Easier. This program provides an easy way for families to heal from seizures, anxiety, allergies and much more by supporting children’s health in a convenient, easy-to-follow and proven program.

        Participants receive one action focus strategy each day, delivered in a text message video. Clients love the ease of starting the day with a one-minute text video because they feel confident knowing they have a plan to support their child’s health. 

        The Hinmans say, “The key to improving your child’s health for the long term is finding an approach that is both simple and holistic. With a simple plan, you stick with it and don’t feel overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted. And when you take a holistic approach, improvements happen much quicker!” As busy parents themselves, they understand the benefit of convenience.


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