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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Take Control of the Inner Child

Nov 21, 2016 08:16PM

Funda Kahn

Northbrook practitioner Funda Kahn works with children, teens, adults and parents using hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and other modalities to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, PTSD/OCD and related physical effects, such as digestive woes, headaches, nervous system problems and depression. She can also help people find the self-confidence and self-esteem they need to achieve personal and financial success.

        “The inner child is our subconscious mind,” says Kahn. “The inner child consumes 90 percent of our mind with our 3-year-old self. It’s where most of our problems come from because of the emotional aspect, and triggers and anchors from the past. We work on how we can discipline our mind so we become happier and can meet our goals.”

        She states, “It’s teamwork. During our work together, you will find the keys to unlock your mind and let your old beliefs (trigger buttons) be released. This will result in a change for a better life, better relationships, career and health. Once you release all of the old habits and triggering thoughts from your subconscious, your body will start healing, as well.”


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