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Orphaned Socks Find Gainful Employment

Jan 27, 2017 04:03PM


Dryer balls bounce around and move laundry so that more air can circulate around the clothes and makes them dry faster, which means less waiting and less money spent on energy. If using a laundromat that gives seven minutes of dryer time per quarter, then it is possible to save $1 for every two dryer loads.

            Dryer balls also fluff clothes naturally and help eliminate static, but there’s no need to pay for those that are commercially made; DIY with items that can be found around the house and avoid store-bought dryer sheets and balls that may contain toxic substances that are hard to recycle.


DIY Dryer Balls

Makes one ball.

2 old socks

Essential oil

Take one sock and roll it up from the toe like a jellyroll; at the end, turn the cuff over the roll so it holds the roll in place. 

Dab on 15 to 20 drops of essential oil and let it soak into the sock.

Place the rolled-up sock inside the second sock.

Twist the open sock once, and then turn it inside out.

Continue twisting and turning inside out as necessary until the whole sock is a ball.

Throw the homemade dryer ball in with the next batch of laundry. One works fine; two is even better for fluffing. Clothing will come out soft, static-free and sweet smelling, without any chemical residue.

When the aroma has faded over time, simply open up the top sock, add more essential oil to the inner sock and rewrap. The two layers prevent any oil from getting on the clothes.