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Integrative Health Care Options Grow

Aligned Modern Health, Chicago’s premier destination for evidenced-based, integrative health care, is opening four additional clinics in Mount Prospect, Andersonville, Evanston and Elmhurst.

       Aligned Modern Health now boasts 15 locations throughout downtown Chicago and surrounding areas. With a strong commitment to quality care and the overall customer experience, they are focused on helping more people live free from pain while getting to the root cause of their health concerns with evidenced-based, non-invasive health care. 

       Its physicians provide the highest standard of evidence-based care with an integrated approach through functional medicine, chiropractic physical medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and massage therapy. Aligned Modern Health works with the most qualified chiropractors in Chicago, acupuncturists that hold a master’s or doctorate degree in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and functional nutrition doctors that specialize in modern laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques to correct fundamental imbalances and treat chronic disease.

For more information, visit or call 773-453-6566.