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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Enrollment Open for Yearlong Esoteric Psychology Program

Oct 28, 2018 07:05PM

Donna Mitchell-Moniak

Donna Mitchell-Moniak, instructor of a program to serve all that seek clarity and empowerment in life and in service to others that begins in April 2019, says, “Understanding oneself is so rewarding. Understanding others that we share life with makes all relations more genuine, honest and therefore, joyous. Esoteric psychology is the exploration of one’s self as a conscious energy being who has chosen to incarnate for purposeful reasons.”

      She indicates that psychology, esoterically understood, is the study of the soul, the inner beingness, together with the energies of will, compassion, the use of creative mind, harmony, clarity, inspiration, idealism and devotion, and the cosmic energy of order and accomplishment.

      This program is drawn from a multi-year Esoteric Psychology program taught from 1993 to 2004. It includes four weekend retreats at Durward’s Glen, in Baraboo, Wisconsin, online webinars, a meditation practice and selected reading from Bailey/DK texts.

      Mitchell-Moniak holds a master’s degree in Esoteric Psychology and a Ph.D.E. in Esoteric Philosophy from the Seven Ray Institute. She is a meditation teacher, author and the founder of the Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center, in Massachusetts.

Tuition is $1,000, with $500 deposit by Dec. 17. Lodging is available. For more information and to register, visit