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Help the World’s Needy While Filing Income Taxes

Jan 28, 2019 08:13PM

Michael Marmel

Michael Marmel, a Chicago certified public accountant and owner of Marmel Accounting, LLC, is offering an opportunity for everyone to help those in need when they work with him to prepare their annual taxes. He says, “This year, tax time isn’t just a stressful experience that you dread, but an opportunity to help those less fortunate than you.”

       He offers a different method of tax preparation that gives back while getting the job done by making microloans (small loans that are issued by individuals rather than banks or credit unions) to people around the world facing starvation and preventable disease. Marmel says that many people today cannot donate a lot of money or volunteer their time to help the less fortunate, and his unique approach to tax preparation offers a different way for everyone to give back.

       “Most people would love to help those suffering, but the average American is just trying to pay the bills,” says Marmel. He adds that every penny that he makes from tax prep is micro-loaned via to people around the world facing starvation and preventable disease. “Populations that live on welfare tend to have a hard time moving away from handouts,” says Marmel. “Loaning money not only gives people a sense of responsibility for their own destiny, but also gives them a new lease on life.”


Marmel will give a lecture, Personal Responsibility for Extreme Poverty, at 10 a.m., Mar. 3, at the Body Mind Spirit Expo, in Northlake. Marmel Accounting is at 4433 W. Touhy Ave., Ste. 525, in Lincolnwood. For more information, visit