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Pets Benefit from Cannabis Extract





PrimeMyBody has just released a new cannabidiol (CBD) product for pets. PrimeMyPet Hemp & Health Blend for Pets is formulated for cats or dogs of all ages, combining the highest-quality organic hemp extract with carefully curated wellness ingredients, formulated using advanced liposomal delivery methods that trigger rapid absorption for maximum, sustainable results.

       Sustainably grown and processed with organic-level care in Colorado, this proprietary hemp and health blend contains an easily digestible, full-spectrum extract that supports states of calm and body function balance and provides relief for physical and emotional distress.

       Like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that balances normal body function like mood, sleep, movement, appetite and immune response. The cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in PrimeMyPet interact with and activate the ECS system to sustain general wellness and also support optimal body function and restoration.

           PrimeMyPet’s natural, omega-rich, mercury-free fish oil contains astaxanthin from red algae-eating shrimp which protect pets from free radical cell damage, allergies, skin and eye conditions and immune issues. Hawthorn berry extract has been proven to help cardiac and circulatory health in dogs and cats. Yucca root supports joint health and active mobility. Yucca also aids proper digestion and can improve pet waste odor and alleviate symptoms of inflammation distress.

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