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Natural Awakenings Chicago

New Science-Based Card Deck Offers Therapeutic Insights

Mar 26, 2019 11:09PM









Frames is a new tool for mindfulness and self-exploration. Designer Melanie McCalmont says, “If you love science, art, technology, travel and spirituality, Frames is a modern way to use visual allegory for creative problem solving. Frames starts by asking yourself an important, but unanswered, question in your life and then laying out four random cards from the deck (a frame). As your brain makes meaning from the Frames visual allegory, hidden areas of your inner data are unlocked.”

       Inner data, according to McCalmont, is the sum of all of our physical, intellectual and spiritual experiences. She says, “When we get insights to our answer, our intuition responds with a state of alignment with our purpose.”

       Frames cards are beautifully illustrated by international British artist David Hallangen, free of gender and class references. The Frames User Guide contains instructions, card summaries and help on interpretation.

To purchase Frames or product gift certificates, as well as attend how-to webinars, visit Natural Awakenings readers may attend a Frames webinar at no charge, including a live demonstration and Q&A, using code NA148995.