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Amy Kinzie

Amy Kinzie , BS, CWC

Amy Kinzie, BS, CWC, has joined the staff at Lovelight Healing Center, in Grayslake, and its roster of experienced practitioners. The center promotes health and wellness through a holistic approach. The addition of nutrient therapy offers clients the ability to unlock their body’s innate healing capacity.

       She graduated summa cum laude from National University of Health Sciences with degrees in biochemical science and clinical nutrition.  Kinzie has received extensive training in the areas of nutrigenomics, autoimmune disease, stealth infections/mold illness, mood disorders, ADHD/neurobehavioral disorders, migraine headaches, GI issues/leaky gut and metabolic disorders. 

         Using customized nutrition based on blood chemistry values, metabolic type, diet, lifestyle and genetics, proper physiological function to the body can be restored. Kinzie utilizes vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, amino acids, probiotics and other appropriate nutrient therapies to unlock the body’s innate healing ability. 

Location: 408 Center St., Grayslake. For more information or to make an appointment, call 847-350-7000 or visit