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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Unlock the Brain’s Hidden Potential

Apr 25, 2019 06:48PM

The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center of Chicago will present a one-hour workshop, Gamma Waves Transmission and Whole Brain Activation, from 5 to 6 pm., May 3 and 6 with the distinguished yogi, brain scientist, founder and spiritual head of the India-based Kevala Foundation, Mahayogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal. He will also offer six private whole brain activation sessions following each workshop.

       Dr. Ullal is a Himalayan yogi serving in the urban world who has directed his yogic techniques to help corporations attain higher productivity at work while helping executives apply the science of blissful and balanced living. He has initiated more than 6,000 aspirants from more than 120 countries through his gamma wave transmissions and is thus recognized as a “super gamma master”.

       Dr. Ullal was awarded a Ph.D. from Washington International University for his thesis on the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle and ways to overcome it. He combines his gifts and skills to transmit cosmic energy, enabling brain receptors to unlock, attain neural synchrony and access the immense divine and ecstatic power of music.

Location: 259 E. Central Rd., Des Plaines. For more information, call 847-299-6535 or visit