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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Personalized Functional Medicine Testing

Jun 27, 2019 01:08PM

Marny Turvill, M.D.

Marny Turvill, M.D., now offers testing and treatments that can save time, money and frustration, and get people back to feeling great. She says, “Looking for real solutions instead of pharmaceutical disease management? The key is identifying the root causes through testing, not guessing, and treating them with a personalized health plan and VIP support. You can keep guessing what’s missing and what’s causing inflammation or you can test with simple functional medicine labs to know exactly what you need.

       “In most cases, your specific illness or your mystery symptoms do not define your ability to reclaim health. What defines your ability to achieve long-lasting health is your willingness to take charge, find out what’s causing your health issues and take a series of actions to remove the things that are causing imbalances and to give your body what it needs to heal.”


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