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Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield is Keynote Speaker at Green Team Summit

Nonprofit Faith in Place celebrates their 20th anniversary and the positive impact made possible by people of all faiths caring for the Earth with an energizing Green Team Summit on September 14 at the Field Museum, in Chicago. This gathering that will bring together hundreds of people from diverse faiths and walks of life across Illinois and the Midwest.

       Faith in Place founder Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield will be the keynote speaker to remind us of the roots of this movement and inspire us to continue growing our efforts. Last year’s Summit drew a crowd of 500 people that were emboldened to make a positive difference by addressing environmental justice in their local faith communities and learning about ways in which to heal the Earth.

Admission is free, lunch is $5. Preregister at before 5 p.m., Sept. 11. For more information, visit



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