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Natural Awakenings Chicago

Solar Oven Demonstration

Jul 24, 2019 12:59PM

Solar Oven Partners and Anchors Covenant Group will conduct solar oven demonstrations on August 8 and 11 at the Lincoln Square Farmers’ Market & Berry Church brunch.

Gathering firewood to cook is a detriment to the environment, children’s education, and family economy across the Global South. A solution is solar ovens that cook a variety of foods, reducing smoke inhalation, the need to buy cooking fuel, time required for firewood collection and deforestation. Ten thousand ovens are in use in the Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone.

Ellen F., of Lincoln Square, says, “My husband grew up in Puerto Rico in a distinctly rural area. When he came home from school each day, it was his job to find enough wood for that night’s meal. He spent several hours each day gathering wood.” Participants will learn about the impact that solar energy can have on daily life, share the food and get involved.

For more information, call 312-543-7552, email [email protected] or visit