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VIDEO SERIES: Tips for These Times with Rowena "Coach Ro" Dziubla of GET FIT EGV

Apr 24, 2020 02:05PM ● By Peggy Malecki
During this stay-at-home time, we may or may not be as active as we were with our normal routines. We might be sitting more, not walking for public transportation or regular exercise and not going to the gym! But it's not the level of activity alone. You're going to gain weight if you're eating to cope, binge snacking or because you're bored. GET FIT EGV owner and trainer Rowena "Coach Ro" Dziubla and Natural Awakenings Chicago publisher Peggy Malecki talk about ways to avoid weight gain, eat healthy and stay fit right now, as well as some tips for home workout and how to benefit from virtual fitness coaching.

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GET FIT EGV - Elk Grove Village IL


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