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No Salon? No Problem! Tips for Haircare while Staying at Home

May 08, 2020 11:13AM ● By Lori Goldstein

While these days of sheltering at home continue, we look in the mirror and are shocked to see an impossible-to-hide gray streak running down our part, so we decide to tie it back to conceal it. But that only results in an almost halo-like glow around our hairline.

On my way out of the salon (before we closed for COVID-19), and knowing I wouldn’t return for weeks or even months, I grabbed some color so I could cover my own gray, which is really white and impossible to hide against my dark brown hair at home. The tubes of color are still sitting where I left them all those weeks ago.

When I look in the mirror, I'm tempted to break them out, but part of me feels like I should suffer in solidarity with my clients—a distant camaraderie they'll never know we have! If you're less tolerant than me, here are a few suggestions on getting through until you can finally get to the salon.

The old eye shadow camouflage. If you have just a few grays that your eyes seem to always focus on first, use a powder eye shadow similar to your hair color and dab it on the grays. If it doesn’t cover quite well enough, try applying with a dampened applicator and see if that helps.

Or, head online and order a simple, temporary gray cover from an online store. These last only until your next shampoo, but can make the gray more tolerable.

If you have too much gray, I recommend trying a semi-permanent, ammonia-free, hair color that will last for a few weeks. Order more than one shade and try a shade lighter than you think you need, as you can always use the shade darker in the next few days. Going lighter, if you start too dark, won't be possible until it shampoos away, which can take weeks.

Finally, give your hair a break and embrace the roots for a few more weeks!

Although Organic Roots Eco Salon, in Skokie, is currently closed due to state COVID-19 mandates, organic hair care and skincare products used at the salon can be delivered to one’s home. Owner Lori Goldstein uses Oway and O&M haircare products at the salon, and has extended her affiliate link to Natural Awakenings readers.  Order with code HHT2696 to receive $5 off every order.

Location: 3417 W. Dempster St., Skokie. For more information, call 847-423-2653 or visit  

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