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Animal Care Group Bialy’s Wellness Foundation is Now Wild Hearts

After conducting surveys and listening to sponsored pet families, Bialy’s Wellness Foundation felt the need for a stronger branding strategy, larger-than-life name and a more recognizable visual identity to represent all they do and future goals. These steps have strengthened their mission and focused priorities to be effective where needed most.

Wild Hearts provides continuous, comprehensive care to animals with mobility issues and the people that love them, including financial and resource support, veterinary services, holistic rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices and ongoing education.

They recommend resources for owners and caretakers of pets requiring specialized care that can be difficult to come by and maintain a list of assistive devices, incontinence supplies and other regularly used equipment and supplies. Also, many veterinary teaching schools offer clinical trials looking at new ways to approach or learn about specific conditions. A pet may thus contribute to a better understanding of a specific diagnosis or disease.

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