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Chicago IANDS Continues with Online Programs

Chicago International Association for Near-Death Studies has not met since February, but meetings are back this fall when the organization will present international psychic medium Suzane Northrop online on September 12. Additional online events will include Psychic Kids star Edy Nathan in October; Robert Bare, a California highway patrolman with a riveting near-death experience story in November; and Toni Winninger interviewing some important people from the other side in December.

President Diane Willis says, “We’re back! Having lost almost 150,000 of our friends and co-workers [nationally] in the last five months, people all over the world now need to know ‘No one dies!’ That comforting message and the knowledge that death is nothing to fear which are generated from our meetings are the groundwork of a new world order of hope and love and peace. Change is in the air. Join us and bring your friends, family and colleagues and be a part of these exciting amazing times. Be there!”

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