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Maintaining Equilibrium with Christian Science Programs

Keeping a sense of calm and balance during the pandemic has been challenging for most of us. Many people that study and practice Christian Science, from engaging in morning meditation and spiritual reflection to podcasts and weekly online gatherings, share resources to help maintain their poise.

At Christian Science in Metro Chicago, one core practice that develops a spiritually sustaining view of life is the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson. Read every day in total or in sections, it offers peace, inspiration and insight that can lead to personal and collective transformation.

Another helpful practice is the weekly podcast Sentinel Watch. Here, thought-provoking ideas relevant to daily life as well as inspiring prayers for the world are shared via an interview format.

Another way to get rebalanced and centered is by joining an online or in-person
(as government guidelines permit) weekly, one-hour prayer group gathering
. Through song, listening to readings and sharing healings and insights from the study of Christian Science, these meetings can be a valuable mid-week recalibration of one’s equilibrium.

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