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Artists and Scientists Address Local Climate Change and Solutions

Des Plaines McDonalds's from the Chicago and the Rain series by Meredith Leich

The Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College Chicago is staging an exhibit, Third Coast Disrupted: Artists + Scientists on Climate, through October 30. It is the culmination of a yearlong conversation between artists and scientists centered on climate change impacts and solutions in the Chicago region. Seven artists have taken on the issues of warmer temperatures, heavier rainfall, worsening flooding and more, while looking at innovative solutions that are taking place locally.

Barbara Cooper draws attention with her sculptures to the fact that what we put into our water, earth and air never really disappears. N. Masani Landfair creates a personal account of the mental and physical health tolls of living in a home on Chicago’s South Side that’s been subjected to severe, chronic flooding. Meredith Leich presents a fanciful series of watercolor paintings imagining the Chicago landscape altered by heavier and more frequent rainstorms. Andrew S. Yang visualizes 1 million air molecules, bringing to light the outsized role of a relatively small amount of carbon dioxide in radically transforming our climate through global warming.


Location: 1104 S. Wabash Ave., 1st Floor, Chicago. For more information, visit and