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VegTech Index Debuts to Spotlight Plant-Based Investment

Veg Tech Elysabeth Alfano vegan index

Plant-powered consulting founder Elysabeth Alfano and investor Sasha Goodman have created VegTech, the first global list and index of 21 publicly traded plant-based stocks. To be included in VegTech: The Global Vegan Impact and Innovation Index, a company needs to be working, intentionally or not, toward making animal-free advancements in their product offerings. This typically means they offer an alternative within an industry that uses a lot of animal products.
The company as a whole, and not just one of its brands, cannot be involved in producing animal meat, animal dairy, animal testing (unless subject by law), farm animal feed products, or the significant displacement of wildlife.
The list will continue to evolve and grow as more plant-based companies go public. Along the same lines, if any company introduces any animal products into their product lines, it will be taken off the list.
Like the Dow Jones Industrial Average or Nasdaq-100, the VegTech Index tracks these companies and reports monthly on its market cap-weighted performance. It gives a snapshot of the growth, health and invest-ability of the mission-driven sector.
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