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Dementia Is Not Inevitable

Headshot of Jessica Montalvo, M.D.

Jessica Montalvo, M.D.

Mindwise Healthcare, in Northbrook, takes a functional medicine approach to cognitive decline. They pursue in-depth diagnostic testing and use the information to help clients implement the targeted nutrition, lifestyle and supplement interventions that will optimize their brain health. Health coaching is also a major part of the practice.

Jessica Montalvo, M.D., says, “I have seen many people with end-stage Alzheimer’s dementia in my medical career. It’s heartbreaking. In 2018, I began my training in functional medicine and found Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book The End of Alzheimer’s. I was intrigued by his patient outcomes and completed specialized training in his protocol.

“Most people think that Alzheimer’s dementia is inevitable—you are either going to get it or you won’t. Most physicians learn that once the symptoms start, there is nothing you can do except prepare to lose yourself over time. This is wrong.”

Location: 790 W. Frontage Rd., Ste. 212, in Northfield. For a complimentary discovery call or for more information, visit