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Lynne C. Belsky, M.D. and Lisa Gold - 2021 Women in Wellness

Lynne C. Belsky, M.D. and Lisa Gold, CBG Institute for Dance and Health Highland Park, IL

Photo by Karen Kring (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL)

Cousins Dr. Lynne Chervony Belsky and Lisa Gold founded the non-profit CBG Institute for Dance and Health in 2017. They aim to enrich health and quality of life for older adults via dance education, performance and outreach. Sharing a vision of a community that conquers ageism by encouraging and supporting adults in their artistic endeavors, they teach dance to those 50+ and up virtually and in Gold’s Highland Park studio, North Shore School of Dance, located near the Highland Park Metra station.

Lynne danced in New York with the Joffrey Ballet from 1975 to 1984, then attended Northwestern University, earning a B.S. in Physical Therapy before earning her M.D. degree from Rush Medical College. Lisa graduated with a B.A. in Dance from Barat College, then taught ballet and modern at the Barat Conservatory of Dance for 16 years. A seasoned business professional, Lisa has owned, managed and  taught at her studio for more than 30 years. Recently, Lisa earned a Professional Award in Adult Dance Practice from the Royal Academy of Dance.

As a physician, Lynne says, “There are numerous benefits of dance as we age. Other types of activity may help to ease symptoms or slow the need for care, but studies show that dance is one specific activity that addresses all of these issues and is socially engaging and fun. We have found our students experience heightened feelings of joy and connectedness from our dance classes.”

“I’ve always called dance the fountain of youth. It helps people stay young. The longer they dance, the younger they feel,” adds Lisa. Dance can also build self-esteem and improve quality of life. “With graceful exercises, we build balance and strength, giving people confidence to move freely through the world,” she notes.

For more information:  •  847-510-3357 • 505 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035
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Watch our video interview:

Photo by Karen Kring Chicago Botanic Garden Glencoe IL

Lynne C. Belsky, M.D. and Lisa Gold - 2021 Women in Wellness

Lynne C. Belsky, M.D. and Lisa Gold of CBG Institute for Dance and Health, in Highland Park, IL: Building balance and strength through dance to enrich health and freedom of movement. Read More »