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Milan C. Perry, Owner & Founder - 2021 Women in Wellness

Milan C. Perry, SoNaturelleWellness

Photo by Karen Kring (Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL)

Trained Culinary Chef, Herbalist and Holistic Wellness expert Milan C. Perry coaches her clients to view self-care as an essential component of growth and success. She teaches a  program of lifestyle wellness and being holistically in-tuned with the body. Combining all of her strengths—herbalist support, culinary nutrition and food therapy, along with mindful-living techniques—she inspires her clients to prioritize and develop a sustainable self-care regimen for more vibrant energy; while also learning to cook bold, chic, inspiring food! 

Her mission for SoNaturelleWellness is to help women who have experienced stressful transitions in life to improve their emotional well-being around food and eating. They can begin to uncover and remove obstacles that cause unhealthy weight gain and banish the constant love-hate relationship with their body to reclaim their chic "joie de vivre" and feel more confident in their skin.

Milan’s mantra is “Chic Women Don’t Diet!” She is passionate about designing strategies to influence her clients towards true transformative change.

Milan educates women to be more mindful of not just what, but how they eat. She encourages clients to elevate the way they dine at home by enjoying a more colorful menu and looking at food as therapeutic self-care and not just something we do to live.

“I see delicious foods as a gift of a vibrant life enjoyed, and an experience to be savored regardless of where you are dining,” she says.

For more information: • 312-758-2006 
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