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Bring Peace to Unruly Periods

Cristina Madine logo a cartoon women on a moped with a basket attached to teh back and a couple of dogs

Cristina Madine, a certified health coach with a nursing background, helps women say goodbye to the emotional roller coaster, exhaustion and abnormal periods with a hormone balancing protocol, stress management and cycle syncing so they can ditch the pill, get pregnant or just feel amazing in their bodies. Specializing in hormone health, she offers women
an opportunity to exchange chronic symptoms for thriving health through her Balanced Bella Program.

She reversed her own polycystic ovary syndrome naturally, after many years of doctors telling her to go on the pill, unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization treatments and misinformation. She doesn’t want other women to go through what she went through, and her mission is now to empower women to become an advocate for themselves, connect with their bodies and help shift toward a more balanced, beneficial way of living. “Women are told that we’re supposed to suffer, and that’s just not true,” says Madine. She wants to change that mindset and help everyone truly embrace their feminine energy.


To schedule a free 30-minute discovery, call 773-368-2731. For more information, email [email protected] or visit