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New Book on Gut Health

Peter Kozlowski, M.D., has written a new book, Unfunc Your Gut: A Functional Medicine Guide. This research-based fusion of Kozlowski’s medical insights and mind-body wisdom acquired through his own experience of addiction recovery and treating patients in his clinical practice could be more simply called gut health.

In addition to relatable, successful case studies, it contains more than 50 delicious recipes to invigorate life. It’s intended as an oasis of clear answers in the sea of contradictory online nutritional information. Those seeking grounded answers to basic gut health questions will find ways to boost the immune system, heal the gut and unlock mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Shelia Patel, M.D., chief medical officer at Chopra Global, says, “By coupling this knowledge with a mind-body-spirit perspective of health, ‘Doc Koz’ shows us the future of medicine.”
Unfunc Your Gut is available on