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Leading-Edge Personalized Health Care in Wheaton

Headshot of Jessica Montalvo, M.D.

Jessica Montalvo, M.D.

Jessica Montalvo, M.D., of Forum Health, is serving Wheaton and surrounding areas using an intelligent blend of natural and conventional approaches to wellness. She determines the underlying causes for dysfunctions in the body and helps resolve or manage them, rather than masking symptoms.

This approach to health care focuses on the uniqueness of each individual. The goal is to normalize and balance body function, allowing natural healing to occur. Montalvo is interested in treating a wide variety of conditions with a passion for reversing cognitive decline, treating chronic infections, managing mold-related illness and balancing hormones.

Forum Health, LLC, is a nationwide provider of personalized health care. Steeped in the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine, its practitioners take a root-cause approach to care—listening and digging deep, exploring lifestyle, environment and genetics to help each patient achieve their ultimate health goals. Members have access to advanced medical treatments and technology with care plans informed by data analytics and collaborative relationships.

Location: 2150 Manchester Rd., Ste. 210, Wheaton. For more information and appointments, visit