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Release the Past to Allow Healing Now

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Every stress or trauma, whether physiological, cognitive, emotional or interpersonal, affects the body. To help, Partners In Wellness will conduct an in-person Stress & Trauma Workshop on April 9 in St. Charles, April 10 in Chicago and online on April 14.

Whether they occurred yesterday or decades ago, traumas are often embedded deeply in our psyche and body. Partners In Wellness helps individuals and groups triumph over stress by mastering a simple set of seven tension/trauma release (TRE) exercises. Alyce Sorokie, a certified TRE provider, has seen dramatic results.

She says, “TRE assists the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma, activating a natural reflex mechanism that safely releases muscular tension, calming the nervous system, releasing deep chronic tension from the sacrum to the cranium, often without recalling the ‘stories’ or the past ‘issues in the tissues’.”

TRE can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or traumas from accidents.

Cost: $55. For more information including times and locations, call 773-868-4062. Also, view TRE videos at and