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Rejuvenate with Virtual Guided Detox from Purple Sprout

A counter full of food and juices

Photo credit Irina Ra

Purple Sprout Conscious Organics is offering Rejuvenation, a three-week, online, guided detox program starting April 18, to help reset the body after winter, open up elimination pathways and pave the way toward greater health and happiness.

Purple Sprout co-founder Irina Ra says, “Our gentle and safe, yet effective course will help you uncover your body and mind’s hidden potential. Detox requires knowledge about the systemic nature of toxins and how to masterfully dislodge and remove them from each tissue one by one, timely and effectively, organically and naturally, without causing harm.”

The course includes preparation for the detox; detox with optional shanka prakshalana
(saltwater cleanse); and juicing, followed by restoration and “clean fuel” nourishment. Participants also receive recipes, support chat, live meetings, cooking demos, videos, exercises, food maps and more. Sessions are recorded for future access.

For more information including registration, call 224-223-7133 or visit