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Faun Can Help Find Hidden Inner Resources

Headshot of Heather Faun holding her hands in a prayer stance

Heather Faun

Heather Faun, a healer who provides sessions via phone, internet or in-person consultations, is celebrating 20 years of intuitive work using techniques and skills to deeply connect, heal and transform all areas of life. New services include angel social, Zoom classes and retreats, plus Healing Your Sexuality and Twin Flame therapy for couples.

She says, “I have text readings now for quick insight on a question, packages for intuitive work and vibe young service to slow down the aging process through energy and products from a well-known esthetician in Palm Desert, California. DNA activation is a week-long package to upgrade your energy and abilities.”

For more information or to make an appointment, call 312-502-1539 or visit