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Heather Faun Basl Provides Empowerment During Stay-at-Home

Heather Faun Basl is shifting perspectives to a higher frequency with weekly online events that focus on topics or aspects of metapsychology. With an integrating theme of connection, engagement and empowerment on an individual and collective level, Basl strives for these events to leave people feeling inspired.

  • Mondays: Light School is dedicated to an hour of creating a safe place to help others awaken and explore various topics in hopes of facilitating spiritual growth.
  • Thursdays: Goddess Social is dedicated to helping women connect and remember their inner goddess. Attendees are encouraged to sip on their favorite cocktail as they converse and get an oracle message from Basl.
  • Saturdays: Wine and Spirit join us with a glass of wine as spirits give an upbeat message through Basl channeling loved ones.

Admission is free. RSVP at