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Wrigleyville Holistic Dentistry Has Expanded

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Headed by Dr. Bernice Teplitsky, Wrigleyville Dental, Chicago’s premier biological dental practice, has added Dr. Anna Kolencherry, Dr. Shivani Patel and Dr. Catherine Murphy to their holistic practice over the last few years. In addition to maintaining a biological approach to dentistry, each has their own area of expertise.

Kolencherry is a TMJ specialist and an expert in platelet-rich fibrin, used in dentistry for recovery in surgery and tissue regeneration, as well as micro-needling to stimulate natural collagen production and smoothen wrinkles for facial esthetics. In addition to general dentistry, Patel specializes in adult and children’s orthodontics, creating a better bite and expanding to allow for better breathing, sleeping and airflow. Both general dentists also specialize in treating patients with sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing treatment alternatives.

Murphy is a holistic orthodontist specializing in early intervention pediatric orthodontics. She is also an author and speaker addressing new motherhood and children’s holistic dental needs.

The doctors at Wrigleyville Dental will customize treatment to avoid adverse reactions to materials based on patients’ needs. With more than a combined 1,000 continuing education hours furthering their knowledge of the latest in holistic, biocompatible and mercury-free dentistry, Wrigleyville Dental offers compassionate holistic dentistry that honors the whole body.

Location: 3256 N. Ashland, Chicago. For more information or appointments, call 773-975-6666, email [email protected] or visit