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Relax During Procedures at Wrigleyville Dental

Wrigleyville Dental, in Chicago, provides paraffin wax hand treatments, essential oil aromatherapy, neck pillows, blankets and stress balls for comfort, headphones and movies or TV for patients to watch during lengthy procedures, as well as homeopathic treatments or medication for pain and anxiety when necessary.

Owner Dr. Bernice Teplitsky is one of the holistic dentists at the practice, which focuses on preventive oral care and an individualized treatment plan for each patient. She aims to make the experience of going to the dentist as relaxing and comfortable as possible, and encourages people to think about oral health as a vital component of overall wellness.

Wrigleyville Dental has partnered with intuitive healer Regyna Curtis, of Atmaitri, to offer reiki for dental anxiety. She offers affordable, calming support during dental appointments for a relaxing experience while being treated. The service is $22 for the first hour and $11 for every 30 minutes additional. A 15-minute pre-appointment via phone, Zoom or Skype is required and a post-appointment insight is included.


Location: 3256 N. Ashland, Chicago. For more information or to make appointments, call 773-975-6666, email [email protected] or visit