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Trinity Health Freedom Expo Comes to Tinley Park in October

A group of people sitting listening to a lecture.

Photo Credit Trinity Health Freedom Expo

The 2022 Trinity Health Freedom Expo on October 15 and 16 at the Tinley Park Convention Center advocates for health freedom and provides avenues to improve life with holistic health education. With both live and online events, the Expo truly has worldwide accessibility.

The Expo also strives to ensure reputable and uncensored access to current information and the top products from the natural health industry with speakers and exhibitors from all walks of life and backgrounds such as health care, law and research and development. They aim to support health and wellness goals because they believe that we all have the right to a naturally vibrant life. Whether a practitioner looking to better care for clients, a parent wanting to make the safest choices for the family or an individual that simply wants to live a holistic lifestyle, this event can provide a connection with the resources to reach those goals. Some of the most popular sessions include the private symposium and two live interactive panels.

At the Live Expo Private Symposium, Dr. Bradley Nelson, the renowned holistic physician and bestselling author of The Emotion Code, will reveal how traumatic events can be held in the body as “trapped emotions” and inhabit the body, creating pain, malfunction and eventual disease. He will also share his research and explain how emotions can impact our lives and ways to release them.

In addition to the weekend-long Expo, the Private Symposium Living Passionately with The Emotion Code, featuring Nelson, is at 6 p.m., October 15. Participants can enjoy dinner, experience fellowship and learn how to identify and release their own trapped emotions. Private Symposium admission is $50, and attendance at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo is required.

The two, live, interactive discussions include a reoccurring Health Freedom panel and a new, hot-topic conversation on the Health Implications of 5G and other EMFs. The Health Freedom panel offers multiple viewpoints from legal and health experts, including Diane Miller and Jonathan Emord. It is moderated by Robert Scott Bell, a radio talk show host and homeopath. Due to historical and current overreach surging in both public and private sectors, it’s more important than ever to understand and protect our health freedoms.

The Health Freedom panel allows for an interactive discussion where experts explain the importance of health freedom, the regulations that challenge our rights and how to preserve our ability to choose what’s best for our families. Questions will be answered at 2 p.m., October 15.

The second panel discussion, Electronic Smog: The Health Implications of 5G and other EMFs, at 2 p.m., October 16, will delve into the safety of 5G and other electromagnetic emissions. The Expo explains that we are surrounded by electronics and electronic smog, which includes all artificially generated electromagnetic fields from everyday items like computers or smartphones. This panel will challenge the mindset of “bigger, better, faster” that is associated with technology and its supposed benefits to all.

Participants will discover how our electric bodies are influenced and potentially harmed by these EMFs. The panelists, including Erin Elizabeth and moderator Robert Scott Bell, will discuss how 5G and other EMFs can lead to health issues and what we can do to counteract their effect.

Admission is $50 for the virtual expo or the live expo, located at 18451 Convention Center Dr., in Tinley Park. If attending live, add the virtual option for an additional $25 to access the recorded speaker presentations and interactive exhibit hall. The private symposium is an additional $50. Call 888-658-3976 or visit to learn more and register.