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Health Freedom Expo

Lisa Oz, Patch Adams, Ocean Robbins

by Carrie Jackson

Since 2005, the Trinity Health Freedom Expo has provided a comprehensive forum for the natural health world to share valuable knowledge and new, innovative products. The Expo returns to the Tinley Park Convention Center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., October 26, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., October 27, with a focus on consumer education and empowerment in navigating natural health and lifestyles. It offers a dynamic, affordable experience with more than 45 experts and speakers in the natural health fields, plus more than 75 exhibits featuring natural health products, services, demonstrations and information. Julie Kline, the show producer and president of the Trinity School of Natural Health (, says their mission is to educate the public with quality information on a variety of health care options.

How do these natural and cutting-edge techniques blend together?

These ideas don’t necessarily need to conflict with each other. It’s true that natural and traditional health modalities have been used for thousands of years; however, the natural health movement is an exciting time for us to rediscover and have renewed excitement for these modalities. This is a time for us to be enthusiastic about the innovative potential to modernize and even advance these traditional and time-tested modalities. We offer an opportunity to apply a fresh look at subjects as varied as holistic health, CBD [cannabidiol], vaccinations, nutrition, cancer research, heart health, brain health, dentistry, stem cell therapies and so much more. The exhibition hall features over 75 booths to browse and shop body care products, purification systems, natural health products, pain relief management, holistic fitness and specialty foods which attendees can sample.

What are some special highlights of this year’s Expo?

We’re offering more than 45 presentations  from the leaders at the forefront of our community and movement on topics such as Navigating the Jungle of Vaccine Safety, Conscious Living for Health and Happiness, Resolving the Root Cause of Any Illness, Ironology 101, 10 Myths of Copper Toxicity Bio-Individuality and Assessing Your Patient’s Unique Metabolic Needs. We’ve also added extra time into the day devoted just to the exhibit hall so attendees can visit the vendors without missing the speakers. We have lectures from internationally renowned experts such as radio host Lisa Oz, health historian Christopher Barr, attorney Jonathon Emord, nutritionist Sherry Brescia, filmmaker Brian Starr, social activist Patch Adams and Food Revolution Network CEO and co-founder Ocean Robbins. The Tinley Park Convention Center is a beautiful facility with free parking and Wi-Fi, and a carpeted exhibition hall with the speaking rooms on the same level. There is a hotel attached for convenience right off major highways and train stations, making it easily accessible.

How do the exhibitors benefit?

The Expo has such a wide collection and variety of exhibitors and speakers in the world of natural health and health freedom. Besides having in-depth conversations with potential clients and customers, vendors have an occasion to network with each other. It’s a wonderful opportunity for specialists in a certain field of the natural health world to learn what’s new elsewhere. A bioenergetic therapist can speak with a nutritional consultant, who can later speak with a holistic dentist. You get this sort of interaction and synergy you wouldn’t necessarily find at an Expo that is dedicated only to nutrition or products. 

How is attending an Expo uniquely impactful?

The Expo is a powerful community of like-minded people coming together to encourage and support each other’s health journey. Attendees get to experience this firsthand, talk to vendors and try the products and services. They get immersed in the energy and excitement. The Expo is about meeting the people who are making the discoveries, and having a hands-on experience with the practices and techniques. The information presented is not just about selling products to consumers, it’s about connecting people with a passion for sharing information. Attendees find it refreshing and energizing to interact with a community that understands and embraces them and their lifestyle. We want to empower you to take control of your health so that you can teach others to do the same.

We also offer interactive forums where participants can ask questions. Saturday features a panel discussion on healthcare reform with George Noory, and Sunday we are highlighting vaccine safety with a discussion hosted by Robert Scott Bell. Noory will also hosts a luncheon and discussion Saturday on medical mysteries and breakthroughs for an additional fee. Upon leaving the Expo, you will have the tools to create and sustain a naturally healthy life for yourself and your family.

Location: Convention Center Dr., in Tinley Park, IL. For more information, call 888-658-3976, email [email protected] or visit

Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect at