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Discover the Old Ways of Hawaiian Healing

Rick Vrenios and Teri Calandra

Calandra Center for Health & Wellness (CCHW) will host The Old Ways of Hawaii: Elemental Healing on November 9, and Hawaiian Energetics: Initial Training from December 6 through 8, with Rick Vrenios ( at their South Loop location. The one-day class in November will introduce participants to the core concepts and focus on self-healing. Both classes offer National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork-certified CEUs.

Using mana and the elemental energies of fire, air, water and earth, this tradition goes far beyond the practice of natural healing. It provides the foundational skills and understandings at the core of all the sacred arts. It is designed to discover a personal way of moving within the universe, more than acquiring a series of techniques.

Teri Calandra, founder and owner of CCHW, says, “Can you envision what it is like to learn with the loving guidance of your personal teacher? You discover that place of oneness that guides your path and from which you are able to help others on their paths. It becomes a way of healing, a way of life—learning to feel and embody the rhythms of the elements: fire, air, water and Earth.”

CCHW offers classes and workshops year round (some with CEUs), plus services including acupuncture, herbs, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, reiki and Access Consciousness Bars.

Event location: 47 W. Polk St., Ste. M-5, Chicago. Register at For more information, call 312-796-3965 or visit