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Coming to Grips with Grief

The Renew Conference, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 16, at the Chicago-Marriott-Naperville, is a healing and grief conference that is uplifting, inspirational, spiritual and informational. Speakers include Uma Girish, Brent M. Baum, Lynne Staley, Sherry Anicich  and Stacey Lynn Cripps.

These leading international grief and trauma practitioners, bestselling authors, spiritual mentors and leaders in their fields will share their experiences and expertise and give participants the power they need to live a more purposeful, loving life.

Topics include Pain is a Portal to Purpose; The Spiritual Invitation of Trauma, Grief and Loss; Expressing Grief: Processing the Strong Reactions that Accompany Loss; The Other Side of the Cross; and Renew with Love from Spirit.

Grief affects everyone differently, and grief encompasses the passing of a loved one and more. It’s surviving the day-to-day challenges many face, including divorce, trauma, addiction, loss of a job, financial challenges, health issues, depression, anxiety and more.

Early bird tickets are $75 at Location: 1801 N. Naper Blvd., Naperville. For more information, call 815-671-4950.