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Obtain Cellular Healing at New Location

Headshot of Seldar Atamov.

Seldar Atamov. Photo courtesy of Antalee Wellness Center.

The office of Antalee Wellness Center and Spa has moved to 1352 Patriot Boulevard, in Glenview. Cellular Healer Seldar Atamov affects the memory RNA that causes pain or disease by explaining how pain is caused. Atomov’s hands-on sessions bring peace to the communities of cells in the body to make clients feel more relaxed, at peace and help to address their physical and emotional pain.

The more someone changes their personality and genetic predisposition, the more this influence of memory RNA gradually changes their DNA and molecular structure, eventually ridding them of the pain. Atamov sees the body at the cellular level through its genetic makeup. He is able to act as a conduit between the body and mind, bringing peace and reduced physical pain by explaining how our environment is a reflection of our inner self and how we act toward ourselves.

Triggers and situations will be presented as lessons to see if we have changed, or repeat our genetic predisposition, based on dominating personality traits such as jealousy, loneliness, fear and anger.

For appointments and more information, call 847-486-1130, email [email protected] or visit