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Antalee Wellness Spa

1834-36 Glenview Rd
Glenview, IL 60025

Here at Antalee we provide a relaxing spa environment with a variety of treatments for your well being and rejuvenation. We focus on using the best quality of skin and body care products including Organic and Botanical lines. Join us here in this place of total relaxation, and we will help you escape your stress from everyday life.

Our CENTER OF NATURAL AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE provides the most effective, science-based systemic approach to prevention and early diagnostics of the body's imbalances and disorders. For more information go to

Antalee Wellness Center provides an alternative to western medicine healing modalities, that address one's emotional, mental and physical aspects. Understanding the underlying causes of a problem sets you on the path of healing and well being with the additional support of herbs, natural supplements and healing on the cellular level.

Our “With the Season” Natural Food Café serves sensationally healthy meals made from wholesome organic ingredients: it's our way of helping you enjoy a fit, balanced, and healthy life. Delicious and nutritious goodness for the body and soul!