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What ‘Living Inspired’ Means to Everyday Living

Aug 31, 2022 ● By Susan Curry
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The definition of inspired: “of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative force; to be breathed in,” sure leads me to interpret that it is a quality that is additional to the ordinary, as well as spiritually infused with enthusiasm for the object of attention or the action in which we take. For example, to feel the creative force of the desire to place a warm soft sweater on as the cold wind rushes through the window is inspired living. It is an “extraordinary” impulse that has moved us into action.

Now let’s look at the definitions of living: “the pursuit of a lifestyle of a specific type,” or simply “having life,” as well as, “the money that you earn from a job.” See how the pursuit-of-lifestyle is fused in this word living with the money that we earn for performing an enthusiastic action. The connection between the method of payment and the pursuit of our lifestyle is firmly blended energetically in the word living.

In conclusion, inspired living is an external creative force; called by many to be God, universal power, Allah, Elohim and/or divine presence; an essence that breathes into the pursuit of our chosen lifestyle and the value that we receive while pursuing a specific lifestyle. More simply stated: creative-force generated aliveness.

It is my firm belief that anything that is done in the state of being inspired with all it’s glory of enthusiastic creative force will manifest brilliant, life-filled creations. Therefore, it does not mean that to be inspired you need to meditate every morning and drink warm lemon juice with the sounds of nature playing in the background.

It more naturally means that you find your own way/place to be inspired, allowing your body to receive the external creative force, whether that is cantering with your horse in the arena, running the warm water of the shower over your body or laying in your bed in peaceful meditation until you feel the pull of desire to “do!” From that point of enthusiastic inspiration or peaceful inspiration, the creative forces are activated to be pointed at the desired action—as ordinary as making the most satisfying cup of coffee to meeting with your building and development team in for business.

Inspired living is a mode of operation that creates with extraordinary quality the lifestyle of our desire, one action at a time, with rejoicing and resetting in-between.

So, happy humans, let us go forth in this elevated consciousness mindset in all our future pursuits, intentionally focused on perennially flowing inspired living in all our endeavors. Let the good times roll.

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