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Kudos ~ Bob Dolgan

Bob Dolgan holding an award.

Bob Dolgan

Writer, consultant, filmmaker and birder Bob Dolgan received the Chicago Audubon Society award for Excellence in Environmental Reporting (Broadcast) on September 24 in an event at the Forest Preserves of Cook County Volunteer Resource Center. The award recognized Dolgan and Turnstone Strategies for documentary films about plovers Monty and Rose, efforts to protect the Piping Plovers and educate the public, as well as public relations efforts and promotion of bird conservation in Chicago.

He says, “I’m grateful to all of the people who helped make these films possible, including our talented production crew, sponsors and those featured in interviews. These films have been meant to bring people together, entertain, pique curiosity and capture the imagination, and I think we have done that through more than 100 showings, multiple film festivals and broadcasts on PBS in Chicago and Detroit.”

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