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New Path Signs at Forest Preserve Trailheads

New trailhead signs at Sugar Creek Preserve

New trailhead signs at Sugar Creek Preserve. Photo courtesy of Forest Preserve District of Will County.

New trailhead signage will pertain to all 134 miles of paved and natural surface paths located within the Forest Preserve District of Will County. The information presented on the 1,980 signs, which are being installed at 396 locations by the operations department, will enhance safety and enjoyment with hikers being better able to select paths that suit them the most.

Sensors were used to record trail grades, cross slopes (change in elevation from side-to-side), distances and obstructions. Chronicling obstructions is important for anyone that cannot physically handle more challenging trails. The lengths, widths and surface materials of paths will also be provided.

For instance, someone with a small child or a person that just had knee replacement surgery may seek a flat, easy trail, and some people want to know which trails have stairs, roots or other obstructions that stick out into the path. By listing the grade of each path, trail distances will be more accurate than they have been in the past.

Trail rules and emergency contact information are more clearly featured on each sign. Green icons are used for activities that are allowed and red icons for those that are prohibited, and the emergency information is designed to stand out.

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