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Eco-Friendly Supplements from FuFluns Foods

Mar 31, 2023 ● By Carrie Jackson
Headshot of Perry Galanopoulos.

Perry Galanopoulos

With a commitment to positive social and environmental impact, FuFluns Foods is pioneering a sustainable way for consumers to access healthy supplements. The Deerfield-based company produces artisanal, small-batch organic mushroom, botanical and hemp extract supplements to aid with cognition, digestion, energy, immunity and other everyday functions. Founder Perry Galanopoulos says that using ingredients extracted from plants grown with regenerative farming practices benefits the planet, as well as the person. “We take pride in supplying top-quality products from farmers we know and trust. Our unprocessed, naturally contaminant-free supplements are rich in phytonutrients, cannabinoids and terpenes, and are designed to work in tandem with the body’s own healing mechanisms.”

Galanopoulos launched FuFluns Foods in 2018 after losing both parents at an early age to conditions that could have been prevented with diet and lifestyle modifications. “I experimented with supplements to help on my own healing journey, but was dissatisfied with the majority using industrial farming as extraction practices,” he recalls. With a background in supply chain efficiency, Galanopoulos researched how different production methods impact the overall product, as well as the environment, and created a line of supplements that benefits both.

Named after the Etruscan Fufluns, the god of plant life, happiness, health and growth, the company encourages consumers to think about how and where the products they use are sourced. “We’re seeing more people looking to make purchase decisions that align with their values. Many supplements today are produced with despicable practices that benefit Big Ag, but are harmful to the planet,” Galanopoulos explains. The 2020 documentary Kiss the Ground sheds light on how activists, scientists, farmers and politicians combat climate change using regenerative agriculture.

While the majority of commercially available mushrooms are grown in China, FuFluns sources only from farms in the United States that they have personal relationships with. “We work with small, family-owned farms, largely in Oregon, who tend their fields by hand and are environmentally conscious stewards of the land. Farming location and practices are paramount to quality, and better plants provide more phytonutrients and a clean product and environment,” says Galanopoulos.

FuFluns Foods’ line includes capsules and tinctures that incorporate the essence of the plants and fungi. “Mushrooms have been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years in Asia and elsewhere, and are becoming more popular here as people learn about their healing benefits. We extract from whole mushrooms without adding powders or myceliated grain or rice, which is often used as a filler. Then we apply a 500-year-old alchemical method of extraction that originated with the Egyptians. Using minimum heat, this process separates, purifies and reunites the soul (sulfur/volatile essential oils), body (salt/minerals) and spirit (mercury/alcohol), which preserves the entire plant or mushroom in its natural ratios the way Mother Nature intended,” says Galanopoulos.

As supplements, the products are designed to support the body’s natural healing modalities. Lift & Focus, their most popular, is made from lion’s mane, which is known for its neuroregenerative properties. “This synergistic botanical and mushroom blend is formulated to elevate mood and energy while providing regeneration and nourishment to the brain and the body. It’s often used in tandem with other sacred mushrooms, and is a popular addition to micro- or macro-dosing,” advises Galanopoulos. Energize & Balance Blend uses adaptogens to combat stress. Turkey Tail Tincture features the heralded “mushroom of immunity”. The Chaga Tincture is rich in antioxidants and supports digestive health, and the Ultimate Mushroom Blend supports immunity, cognition, energy and overall vitality. The company plans on growing the functional capsule product line to include a broader range of common conditions and adding additional, lesser-known superfoods such as cacao.

Galanopoulos collaborates with a herbalist to create the optimal blend of formulas that are easily accessible and digestible. “Formulating herbs and botanicals is part science and part art. Not all of them go together, and people will respond differently to blends based on their constitution. We tailor our formulas so they’re not too hot, cold or dry, and are generally aligned with most body types,” he says. Tinctures can be taken on their own or mixed with tea or smoothies, and the vegan capsules contain a plant-based fiber that gently opens in the digestive tract for optimal absorption.

He stresses that supplements are most effective when used in conjunction other holistic wellness practices. “Our products should support a healthy diet consisting of the highest-quality fruits, veggies, mushrooms, nuts and a little high-quality meat. Mushrooms are an overlooked superfood which many people forget to include. In addition to food and nutrition, movement and meditation are paramount to keeping the body in balance. We want people to be mindful of how they’re holistically treating what goes into their body, and that starts with sustainable farming practices,” says Galanopoulos.

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Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based freelance writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.