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Kudos ~ Diveheart

Diveheart logo. A red heart with a white stripe going through it like the divers symbol.

Image courtesy of Diveheart

The Downers Grove-based nonprofit Diveheart, which is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through scuba diving, has won the ShareCare Award in the Behavioral/Mental Health category for an inspirational story of a young scuba diver, Kristina Jacobsen, on the autism spectrum.

The award recognizes Diveheart’s commitment to enhancing mental health and well-being through its transformative “Divers with Heart” YouTube series. Jacobsen’s account highlights how scuba diving became her sanctuary and enabled her to find her community with Diveheart.

The series showcases real-life stories of individuals that have overcome challenges and discovered newfound strength, confidence and happiness through the underwater world. The ShareCare Awards celebrate organizations and individuals making a difference in the fields of health care and well-being. Winners are announced via a social media campaign.

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