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Kudos - Nana Okazaki Plotkin

Pink dress on maniquin.

Photo taken at The Atelier by Nana Okazaki Plotkin.

Highland Park resident and Ravinia Business District merchant Nana Okazaki Plotkin, founder and owner of The Atelier, created a dress for the 2024 Primetime Emmy Awards with designer Hogan McLaughlin for John Oliver’s Emmy Award-winning writer Ali Barthwell, who received an Emmy for the third year in a row.  

The Atelier is a destination for people seeking one-of-a-kind pieces, customized clothing and tailoring needs, including alterations to vintage clothing and repurposing fabrics and family heirlooms.  Plotkin is available to work with clients to create exquisite dresses and accessories for that next formal wedding party, bar/bat mitzvah, prom or other special occasion.

The Atelier is located at 455 Roger Williams Ave., in Highland Park. For more information, visit