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Services Now Available That Help Uncover Secret Life of Pets

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Mary Walters, of Innergizing Reiki and Soul Healing, now offers distance animal communicator services to unlock the mysteries of our pets’ feelings and desires, as well as the lessons they are here to teach us.

“The primary goal of each session is to better understand your pet from your pet’s point of view by honoring their wisdom, autonomy and truth,” says Walters. “Communication with your pet can answer specific questions about behaviors, physical feelings, emotions and social connections.”

Walters explains that while common questions pet parents ask her have to do with their pets’ behaviors—mostly maladaptive ones—and feelings, it is equally important to explore what lessons they might be trying to teach us.

“Our animals come to us not by chance, but to fulfill a soul contract—predestined lessons that you and your pet agreed upon before embarking on your shared journey,” notes Walters. “What are these lessons? How do we fulfill our part of this soul contract?”

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